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Digital Scholarship at UCSC Libraries

Equipment by Use


Equipment Good for...
Rode NT-USB Mini Microphone Individual podcast and voiceover recording. Plug one (or multiple) directly into your computer and go.
Yeti USB Microphone Individual, conversation, and group recording. Plug directly into your computer and go.
Audio Interface Connect an XLR or quarter inch mic or instrument to your computer.
Audio-Technica Headphones Listening and audio editing in the DSC space.
H1n Recorder Recorder/mic combo good for field recording, on-the-go interviews, and voiceover. Very compact, portable, and records very good quality audio.
H2n Recorder Recorder/mic combo similar to the H1n but with more pickup pattern settings, including the ability to record spatial audio.
H6n Recorder Portable recorder with XLR and quarter inch connections as well as two built-in mic attachments. 
Shure MV7X Microphone XLR dynamic microphone good for individual voice recording. Delivers high quality recording in imperfect recording environments.
Rode Wireless Mic Wireless lapel mic for recording a variety of environments where cables are not optimal.
Audio Accessories Kit Contains a variety of adaptors useful for connection mics to audio/video recording devices.
Blue Compass Boom Arm Mount to the side a desk or table and attach any of our microphones. Great for getting the mic away from tabletop noise and closer to your mouth for better recording quality.



Equipment Good for...

Canon 80D DSLR Camera

Canon 90D DSLR Camera

High-quality photography or video. It works great with a tripod or handheld, though other options are more portable. Auto-focus capabilities make it beginner-friendly. 
GoPro HERO5 Black Videos and photos on the go. The kit comes with a tripod and waterproof case. The camera is very easy to use though it allows for less control of its image.
Panasonic HC-VX1 4K Video Camera Easy to film, professional quality video. Works great with a tripod or handheld.
Tripod and GorillaPod Stabilizing a camera or microphone. GorillaPods are more compact and can bent to fit onto a variety of surfaces. The tripods are larger and better suited for heavier equipment. 
Huion Inspiroy Illustration, Photo editing, and 3D modeling. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. 
Huion Kamvas Illustration, Photo editing, and 3D modeling. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and some Android devices. The tablet has a built-in screen making it easy to use for those new to drawing tables.
Green Screen Removing the background from photos or videos for customization and special effects.