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eBooks/Print Books on demand

Beginning in the spring quarter of 2013, in response to budget realities, the UCSC Library initiated a new method of acquiring English-language books. Called Demand-Driven Acquisitions (DDA), it provides students, faculty, and staff with access to more information resources while maximizing the Library’s purchasing dollars.  DDA is one of the ways the library is redirecting its reduced resources to keep up with the changing information needs of our patrons. 

What is Demand-Driven Acquisitions?

  • New records for thousands of scholarly books have been added to Cruzcat (the library catalog); additional titles are added regularly as books are published.
  • Students, faculty, and staff select the books they feel are most needed for their research and educational pursuits directly from Cruzcat.
  • When you see an ebook title in Cruzcat that is needed for your work, click to get access.
  • When you see a print book in Cruzcat that is needed for your work, click to request that the title be purchased.
  • Don’t see what you need in Cruzcat?  Faculty, staff, and students can still submit requests for items they don’t find in the catalog.

What about other materials? Will they be DDA, too?

  • There will be no change to the way non-book (DVD, CDs, video games, scores) materials and non-English language materials are acquired.
  • Students, faculty and staff may still submit purchase requests for specific materials not available in Cruzcat, including items for Reserve.
  • Interlibrary Loan will still be available to borrow materials from another library.

What are the benefits of DDA?

  • Provides access to a greater number of resources for faculty and students.
  • Most cost-effective way to provide access to the greatest breadth of scholarly resources.
  • Librarians curate what titles are available for purchase; patrons select among the items for those most needed at the point of need.

Are other UC libraries doing this?

Yes. Most UC campuses have some form of Demand-Driven Acquisitions. In addition, many other university libraries, including Duke, NYU, and the University of Minnesota have launched local DDA programs. The UC system libraries has a University Press, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences title DDA program in place now. UCSC is participating in the systemwide DDA program as well.