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About General Collections

Requesting Items that are not in Cruzcat

Faculty, Staff & Students, can't find an item you need for your research? Think the library should add it to the collection because the topic is of interest to more than you? Ask us to purchase the item


Withdrawing Items from the Collections

The University Library de-accessions (withdraws) materials from its general, reference, and media collections for a variety of reasons:

  • Title Revisions (newer edition supersedes earlier, high-use edition)
  • High use, of continuing interest, and damaged beyond repair (replaced with newer version)
  • A trusted online version of the print title is available (JSTOR, PAO, Project Muse)
  • format conversion (VHS to DVD)
  • low-use titles that are widely available in the UC system may also be withdrawn from the collection (ILL fulfills requests for these titles)

The University Library also donates low-use print journals (that have an online equivalent) to regional and national repositories and/or digitization projects: