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Requesting Expensive Materials

The library keeps a wishlist of "big ticket" items and new journal titles faculty and students request and when funds become available we use the wishlist to determine which items are most requested, have been consistently requested, and can be acquired with the available funds.  

To have a wishlist item be considered for purchase, please contact your Divisional Librarian Team:

Things that make a wishlist purchase more likely to be fulfilled when we do have funding:

  • cost is one time (no recurring access or subscription fees)
  • cost has a low on-going access fee
  • the library has an endowment that relates to the purchase (and that endowment has a substantial balance and large enough annual payouts to cover on-going fees)
  • the requesting department or departments have funds to offer to support the purchase or lease of the item
  • multiple departments are interested in the resource
  • the resource supports multiple disciplines