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Course Reserves

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1. How do I know if an item is on reserve for my class?

You can check to see if your instructor has placed any materials on reserve by using the Course Reserves Search box in the left column of this page. There is also a Reserves Search tab on the UCSC library's home page

Enter a course number (ex: ECON 110) or your instructor's last name. You also can search by the title of a book (or other resource) in the Course Reserves Search box. If a list has been created for the class, you will see a list of items with their location, call number and status. Note that some classes have reserves at both libraries, but most will have reserves at only one library.

2. How do I check out reserves?

Using the Course Reserves Search box, you can find the call number and the location of the item(s) you want to check out. Bring the call number for the item you want to the Circulation Desk, and the desk staff will retrieve the item for you. You will need your photo ID to check out the item.

3. How long can I keep a reserve item?

The most common loan period for Course Reserves is 2-hours, but reserve items also check out for 24-hours or 72-hours depending on the instructor's request. Due times are rounded to the nearest hour. For more information, visit the Reserves Loan Periods section.

4. How many reserve items can I check out at one time?

You can check out 5 items at one time, including laptops and other equipment.

5. Can I take reserve items out of the library?

With a few exceptions, yes, you can take reserve materials out of the library. You must return them to the library from which they were checked out and before the loan period has expired.

6. Can I check out reserve items overnight?

Yes*, overnight checkout for 2-hour reserve items begins 2 hours before the library closes and items are due an hour after the library opens.

*Some items are NOT available for an overnight checkout.

7. What if the item I need is checked out?

You may request the item(s) to be booked for a later time. Bookings can be placed, in-person only, on 15-minute increments (for example: 8:00, 8:15, 8:30, and 8:45). You will have 15 minutes to pick up your booked item(s) before it will be canceled and made available for another patron. For more information, visit the Reserve Bookings section.

8. Can I renew reserve items? How?

Reserve material can be renewed, only in person at the library where it was checked out. Items will be renewed as long as the items are not booked for another patron. Items can NOT be renewed online or by phone.

9. Are there overdue fees for reserves?

Yes, reserve items accrue overdue fees on an hourly basis. The fees are $2 for every hour, or partial hour, thereafter. 

Reserve items have a 15-minute grace period, during which no overdue fees accrue. For more information, visit the Reserve Overdue Fees section.

10. Do reserve overdue fees affect my library privileges?

If you are frequently billed for reserve items, your library reserves privileges may be suspended.