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McHenry Library Reserves 
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  • Reserve materials circulate to UCSC students (including concurrent), faculty, and staff only.
  • To check out reserve materials, please have a photo ID and the call numbers. You can find the call number by using the Course Reserves search box in the left column. 
  • Patrons can check out up to 5 reserve items at a time. 

Loan Periods

There are 3 possible loan periods for reserve materials: 

  • 2-hour
  • 24-hour
  • 72-hour

Other information regarding loan periods:

  • Loan periods are determined by the instructor of the course.
  • Reserve materials are always due on the hour.
    (ex: if a 2-hour reserve item is checked out at 10:10am, it will be due back at 12pm.)
  • Overnight checkout is an option for most 2-hour reserve items. For more information on overnight checkout, see box below.

Overnight Checkout

Unless they are lab keys or otherwise specified by the instructor, reserve items on 2-hour loan are available for overnight checkout. Items go out 2.5 hours before closing and are due the following day 2 hours after opening. Equipment items on 4-hour loan check out overnight 4.5 hours before closing and are due the following day 2 hours after opening. Please refer to the schedule below for Academic Quarter and Summer Session overnight checkout: 

Fall 2017 / Winter 2018 / Spring 2018

Day Hours Open Overnight Checkout Time Next Day Due Time
Monday-Thursday 8am-Midnight 9:30pm (Books) 7:30pm (Equipment) 10am Tuesday-Friday
Friday 8am-8pm 5:30pm (Books) 3:30pm (Equipment) 1pm Saturday 
Saturday 11am-7pm 4:30pm (Books) 2:30pm (Equipment) 12pm Sunday 
Sunday 10am-Midnight 9:30pm (Books) 7:30pm (Equipment) 10am Monday

Summer Session 2017

Day Hours Open Overnight Checkout Time Next Day Due Time
Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm 5:30pm (Books) 3:30pm (Equipment) 10am Friday
Friday 8am-5pm 2:30pm (Books) 12:30pm (Equipment) 3pm Saturday (McH Items)
10am Monday (S&E Items)
Saturday (McH Only) 1pm-5pm 2:30pm (Books) 1pm (Equipment) 3pm Sunday (McH Only)
Sunday (McH Only) 1pm-5pm 2:30pm (Books) 1pm (Equipment) 10am Monday

Renewing Reserve Items

  • Reserve material must be renewed in person at the library where it was checked out. Reserves are not renewable online or by phone.
  • Reserve material may be renewed as long as the item is not booked for another patron at the time of renewal.

Reserve Bookings

Bookings are a way to place a hold on a reserve item that is already checked out, or for a later time.

  • Bookings must placed in person.
  • Bookings can be placed at either Circulation desk, regardless of where the desired material is on reserve. 
  • Bookings can be placed up to one day in advance for 2-hour and 24-hour materials. If the item has a 72-hour loan period and is checked out, a booking can be placed on that item for the due date.
  • Bookings can not be placed on multiple copies of the same item. 
  • Patrons can not place a booking on an item they currently have checked out.
  • Bookings expire 15 minutes after the specified pick-up time. 

Overdue Fees

Reserve overdue fees are:

  • $5 for the first hour, or partial hour overdue.
  • $2 for every hour, or partial hour overdue, thereafter.
  • $75 maximum per item, unless the item is not returned.

More information about reserve overdue fees: 

  • If a reserve item is not returned, patron will be charged a replacement fee.
  • Reserve items have a 15-minute grace period, during which time no overdue fees will accrue.
  • Overdue fees for reserve items continue to accrue when the library is closed.
  • Overdue fees can be paid in person with money order, check, or credit card. Overdue fees can also be paid over the phone with credit card, or online at My Library Account.

If you have a question or concern about a reserves overdue fee, or if you would like to appeal a reserves overdue fee, please fill out a Billing Appeal Form