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History of Consciousness Research Guide

Updated 11/25/2020


Collections of primary source materials present interesting challenges for researchers. Many collections are still housed in special collections and archives at university libraries and research centers. A growing number of collections have been digitized or are targeted for digitization. Some of these efforts end up online for free to users, though the institution absorbs the cost of online hosting; others end up digitized and hosted by publishers and sold back to libraries. Sponsorship efforts are also underway to make the costs sustainable and open access to the public. Below you'll find a variety of these efforts.

Digitized Primary Sources

University of California & UCSC Resources:

Selected UCSC-provided Databases for Primary Sources
(find others using the A-Z Databases list, link at bottom)

Find UCSC provided Databases on your own: 
Use the Database Types filter for Primary sources and others.

Tools & Centers for Archives Research

Start your initial inquiries with UCSC Library's Special Collections and Archives. Prepare for your visit by exploring on your own using the following: 

Expand your search geographically with these tools. Note that some archival collections may still be emerging and may not be included in such resources: