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How to Use the Library Search Tool

Save a Search Query

Save a query from the results list:

  • Perform a search.
  • Click Save Query, which appears above the search results.

Save a Query from My Favorites:

  • Click My Favorites buttonPin Icon at the top of the page.
  • Select the Search History tab to display your current session's search history.
  • Click the Pin button that appears next to the query that you want to save.

(See Saving and Managing Search Queries for more details)

Citation Management Software

Citation management software let's you save, organize, format and share citations from a variety of sites (e.g. library catalogs, article databases, Amazon etc.) and create bibliographies and cited reference lists using citation style formats (e.g. APA, MLA, etc.)

Narrow Your Results

Limit or filter your search results by using the tools on the right-hand side of the screen beneath "Refine My Results."

Search Refine options

•Sort by

•Show Only

•Resource Type

•Publication Date




•Journal Title


See Filtering Search Results for more details.

Save & Manage Records

Save a Record

  • Perform a search.
  • Click the Pin button Pin Icon next to the item that you want to save in the search results.
  • The system highlights the item, changes the icon to the Pinned icon Unpin Icon, and adds the item to the My Favorites page.

Pin Example

  • To remove a record, click the Pin button Unpin Icon next to the record in search results or on the My Favorites page.

View Saved Records:

  • Click the My Favorites button Pin Icon that appears at the top of each page.
  • Select the Saved Records tab (if not selected already) then click the record from your list that you wish to display.

View My Favorites

(See Saving and Managing Records for more details.)

RSS Feeds & Alerts

Detailed documentation is available for additional Search features: