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CHIN 104: Advanced Chinese: Readings in Literature

Plan & prepare for your searches

The Library: The library is not just a building with books. It's a digital space with online holdings. It's a network of libraries, which loan books and articles to one another (especially useful for libraries with small budgets and buildings).

To access the Library's digital holdings, make sure you're appropriately logged in

  • When you're ON campus (ie, you're using a laptop somewhere on campus), use Eduroam wifi
  • When you're OFF campus (ie, you're at a cafe in town; you live off campus; you're traveling), use the campus VPN (virtual private network).
  • Let someone in the library know if you are unable to connect to the databases in this guide.

More information is here:

To search the digital holdings, plan ahead and adapt as you go

One way to plan ahead: Explore the bibliographies found in your course readings. This can lead you to relevant sources more quickly. (See Citation Linker below for next steps)

Another way to plan ahead: Develop a list of keywords and search terms. This is more difficult than it would seem. Check out these video tutorials for advice and search strategies to expand your list of keywords and map your research ideas


To borrow within the library's network:

The following tools help you: 1) get instant access to a journal article because they connect you to access/links provided by the library's subscriptions or 2) get slightly delayed access to books or articles not owned by the library (generally 2 days for articles; 5 days for books) when you submit a request and our  library finds another library to loan it to us (at not cost or fee to you).

  • UC-eLinks is a useful tool when you're searching in a database and want to access the an article or book appearing in your results.