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Guide for using the archival tool that creates citable records of web sources is an archival tool that helps scholars create permanent records of web sources so they can be cited in scholarly articles.  With the tool, scholars cite the archival copy, preserving the artifact even if the original page is subsequently altered or removed. 

How to Use

To get started, contact the Library and request a ‘Organization’ affiliated with the UCSC Library's subscription. This allows you to do the following:

Create Perma Links

  • Log in and enter the site URL you want to preserve.
  • Select your organization in the affiliated with dropdown menu, click Create Perma Link. This brings you to that newly created Perma archive (example).

Link creation limits

  • Create up to 10 Perma Links/month in your Personal Links folder.
  • Create unlimited links affiliated with your UCSC-affiliated organization.

Add Team Members

  • Log in and select Organizations Users in the upper-right menu.
  • Click Add Organization User, enter team member’s email, click Add User.
  • Enter their name, select your organization under Organizations, click Add.
  • Team members can add links and work within your organization.


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Citing Links

Bluebook Rule  18.2.1(d) encourages archiving Internet sources in order to prevent link rot, using both the Perma Link and original URL in the citation.  A citation would look like this: