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Download a single Image

  1. Open image in the Image Viewer window, either full or detail view.
  2. When the desired view is displayed, click the “save” button in the lower, right corner.
  3. You will be prompted to read ARTstor’s Terms & Conditions of Use. Click Accept and choose a location in your computer to save the image.
  4. Two files will be saved. One is a .jpg of the image, the other is an .html document with the image information.

OIV (Offline Image Viewer)

OIV (Offline Image Viewer) is presentation software developed by ARTstor and is an alternative to other tools such as PowerPoint and Keynote.  See OIV Help for more assistance.

Download and install OIV

  1. Register or log in to your ARTstor account. Click Tools > Download offline presentation tool (OIV).
  2. Click Accept ARTstor’s Terms & Conditions of Use(A new window opens.) The correct download file is pre-selected for your Mac or PC.
  3. Click Download to save the file to your computer. 
  4. Open the resulting file and then run the .exe (PC) or .dmg (Mac) file.
  5. Once the installation is finished, launch the program by clicking Start > ARTstor OIV (PC) or clicking the OIV icon in Applications (Mac).

Build a presentation

  1. Launch OIV and click Insert. Choose either Image group(s) from ARTstor or Local image(s)
  2. The images will appear in the Image Palette pane, at the bottom of the OIV window.
  3. Click, drag and drop to rearrange the order of images here.
       - At this point you may click View > View Image Palette presentation to launch a presentation window. Use your spacebar to advance through the Image Palette images. Additional functions are available in the toolbar in the upper left corner of the screen.
       - Click Esc to exit this presentation window. To save this show click File > Save.
  4. After importing images into the Image Palette, click Insert > Add a slide.
  5. Choose a slide template and click OK. Your blank slide will be added to the Slide Sorter. 
  6. Click to select the slide in the Slide Sorter. It will appear in the large Slide Editor pane in the center of the OIV window.
  7. Drag and drop images from the Image Palette into the slide’s image placeholder (to paste the image) or text place holder (to paste the imbedded metadata). You can also double click in the text area to enter your own content.
  8. Click View > View Slide presentation to launch your presentation in a new window. Use your spacebar to advance through your slides.
  9. Click Esc to exit this presentation window. To save this show click File > Save.

Export Image Group to PowerPoint

Login and choose an image group to export:

  1. Open the image group.
  2. Click on the projector-like icon (PowerPoint Icon) next to the binoculars and above the thumbnails.
  3. Accept ARTstor's terms and conditions, which will appear in a window.*
  4. When the file has been generated—it can take several minutes—save the file to your computer.
  5. The .pptx file can be edited. Each image will appear on its own slide. The data for each image will appear below each slide.

If you choose PowerPoint's presentation mode, each image will be hyperlinked to the original (online) image in ARTstor, which you can open to enlarge, pan, rotate, etc. Images downloaded into PowerPoint can also be inserted individually into existing PowerPoint presentations.

Note: Pop-up blockers must be disabled and PowerPoint (Version 2007 or later) is required.

*Each user can only download 100 images at a time and no more than 1000 images in a 120-day period. ARTstor may occasionally grant exceptions.

Downloading to PowerPoint (Video)