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Write an Annotated Bibliography


(The second in complete-sentence style, the others in phrase style)

  • Altieri, M.A., & Anderson, M.K. (1986). An Ecological Basis for the Development of Alternative Agricultural Systems for Small Farmers in the Third World. American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, 1, 30-38. Critiques Third World rural development strategies that promote large-scale agriculture based on uniform crop varieties. Describes Agroecosystem Analysis and Development, which stresses sustainability, equity, stability, and productivity. Lists examples of sustainable traditional farming systems and agroecological approaches to rural development.
  • Goulart, R. (1989). The Great Comic Book Artists, Volume 2. New York: St Martin's Press. The alphabetically arranged entries include one page each for the artist biography and black-and-white reprinted art. The subjective choices for inclusion reflect a pronounced American, corporate bias. This slant and the blurry comic-book reproductions render the title a cut below Goulart's usual high standards.
  • Larkin, C. (Ed.). (1992). The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music. London: Guinness. Very comprehensive reference book of 3,296 pages (more than 10,000 entries) encompassing all styles of popular music, including jazz. Primarily biographical, but does contain record label histories. Entries from 150 to 3,000 words, though some important artists have longer entries. Most artists from UK and US, though additionally many reggae, Latin, and Afro-pop artists from outside these countries. Most entries include discography.


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