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US Statutes at Large

The Public Laws are annotated with a "legislative history" that lists relevant Congressional Record dates, House and Senate reports, and Presidential Signing Statements when applicable.

v.1 (1789)- v.44 (1927)
Early US Statutes at Large; full-text from the University of Cincinnati

v.50 (1937)- most recent received:
In print or microform at McHenry library:
---Statutes at Large: v.50 (1937) - v.88 (1974)
---US Code Congressional and Administrative News: v.89 (1975) to most recent received

v.65 (1951) - v.115 (2002)
GovInfo Statutes at Large collection

v.87 (1973) - current
THOMAS: full-text of the enrolled bills by Public Law number. See "Congressional Actions" for relevant dates, votes, and reports (linked when available)

v.101 (1987) - current (Requires UCSC or OCA access).
ProQuest Congressional: Full text of for 100th (1987) congress to current. Includes annotations to USC, Bills, Reports, Hearings, and Congressional Record.

v.109 (1995) - current
GovInfo: Public and Private Laws collection

Signing Statements & Bills

Regulations & Administrative Decisions

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