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BIO 20B Development and Physiology

Evaluate and Integrate your Sources

What do you do with your sources?

  • Read them! To enhance this process and read more critically check out "How to Evaluate Journal Articles" below for criteria to consider while reading. NOTE: The Evaluation Criteria may be useful for writing your Annotated Bibliography
  • Integrate their words or ideas into your paper. Take a look at "Integrating Sources - Harvard Guide to Using Sources" for insight on using your articles effectively, without misappropriating the words and ideas of others, in your paper.
  • Give credit and be consistent with Style and acknowledgements.  For guidelines use the Purdue OWL: APA formatting guide, or let Zotero manage your sources for you. 

Citing your Sources

Goals of Properly Citing in ANY Format:

  1. Give credit to each author and their ideas and words in your paper. "Standing on the shoulders of giants"
  2. Consistency with your format in all your In-Text and Reference List citations is easier to read
  3. The reader is able to distinguish when you're using someone else's research, ideas or words in your paper because you've included an appropriate citation (Note: Your analysis of their research, idea or words is your contribution)
  4. The reader is able to match each In-Text citation (parenthetical) in your paper to an entry in your Reference List (bibliography) and vice versa.

Two free citation and bibliography generators we recommend are: - no login required. - user set up required.