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New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Academic Video Online is the most comprehensive video subscription available to libraries. It delivers more than 62,000 titles spanning the widest range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. Curated for the educational experience, the massive depth of content and breadth of content-types (such as documentaries, films, demonstrations, etc.) in Academic Video Online makes it a useful resource for all types of patrons, giving libraries a high return on investment. For purchase consideration, share your feedback with us here.
Everett D.Graff Collection of Western Americana at the Newberry Library, Chicago, which explores frontier life, Indigenous Peoples, vigilantes and outlaws. Topics including the growth of urban centres, the environmental impact of westward expansion and life in the borderlands, this collection will be of interest to scholars working in Western American history, Southern History, the History of the Pacific Northwest, Western Literature, Film and Cultural Studies. Covers early 18th to mid 20th century. For purchase consideration, share your feedback with us here.
The Shanghai Library has made available the Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin (CNBKSY) databases on a temporary basis. Make use of the following collections:
Chinese Periodical of Modern China - Literature Collection 中国近代中文期刊全文数据库-文学专题 1872~1949
Chinese Periodical Full-text Database 中文期刊全文数据库 1911~1949
Chinese Serial Full-text Database 《遐迩贯珍》 1853~1856
Dian-shi-zhai Pictorial Full-text Database 《点石斋画报》 1884~1898
Sin Wan Pao 《新闻报》 1893~1949
The Eastern Times 《时报》 1904~1939
The China Press 《大陆报》 1911~1949
The Tabloids 《小报》 1897~1949
The Shanghai Times 《上海泰晤士报》 1925~1943
The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury 《大美晚报》 1929~1949
The Shanghai Evening Courier 《上海晚邮》 1869~1874
Shanghai Courier & China Gazette 《中华快报》 1876~1878
Shanghai Courier 《上海差报》 1876~1878
The Republican Daily《民国日报》 1916~1949
Central Daily News 《中央日报》 1928~1949
Yi Shih Pao 《益世报》 1915~1949
Ta Kung Pao 《大公报》 1902~1949/1952
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The Ebsco has opened up their full catalog of databases to Center for Research Libraries (CRL) members on a temporary basis. The full list of databases is available here .

Highlights include:
Frick Art Reference Library Periodicals Index
African American Historical Serials Collection: 1829-1922.
ATLA (American Theological Library Association) Historical Monographs Collection (11 Series): 13th century through 1922.
Atlantic Magazine Archive: 1857-2014
BusinessWeek Magazine Archive: 1929-2000
Ebony Magazine Archive: 1945-2014
Forbes Magazine Archive: 1917-2000
Fortune Magazine Archive: 1930-2000
LIFE Magazine Archive: 1936-2000
The Nation Magazine Archive: 1865-2020
The New Republic Magazine Archive: 1914-2020
People Magazine Archive: 1974-2000

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This multi-archive collection captures the lives, experiences and colonial encounters of people living at the edges of the Anglophone world from 1650-1920, including settlements across the various frontiers of North America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Of interest to those studying colonialism and imperialism, global history, historical geography, indigenous studies, the American West, migration, borderlands and economic history. Covers 1650 - 1920. For purchase consideration, share your feedback with us here.
Access to all History Vault primary source collections
This database provides original text and English translation of Greek and Latin literature and includes: epic and lyric poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; the great medical writers and mathematicians.

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Established in 1968 by the Muslim Religious Board for Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Muslims of the Soviet East was the only Islamic periodical carrying the official seal of approval of the Soviet government. East View offers the English edition only. The periodical contains a mix of sermons exhorting Islamic piety from notable Central Asian clerics, discussions of regional Islamic history, and the role of Soviet Muslims in the cultural and political life of the USSR. Covers 1974-1990. For purchase consideration, share your feedback with us here.
NewspaperARCHIVE is the world's best resource for historical and genealogical information. The unique archive spans more than 400 years of family history, small-town events, world news, and more. For purchase consideration, share your feedback with us here.
O’Reilly for Higher Education (OHE) is a collection of full-text books and other resources specializing in computer programming and information technology. The database includes more than 35,000 book titles, plus 30,000+ hours of video, learning paths, case studies, expert playlists, audio books, and more. Access with your Gold password after choosing University of California Santa Cruz from the list of institutions. Replaces our Safari subscription.
These academically robust online data science courses were developed with data science institutions and social science experts. Online and self-paced, these courses give practical skills that can be applied to social research. Topics include Programming in R and Python; Data Visualization; Social Media and Social Data Science; Text Mining and Analysis. To start using this trial:
1. Go to and select ‘Create a new account.’
2. Enter your details as instructed. Important: You must use your UCSC institution email address.
3. You'll receive email notification information to access the courses.
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An archival research resource comprising the backfiles of leading women's interest consumer magazines. Issues are scanned in high-resolution color and feature detailed article-level indexing. Coverage ranges from the late-19th century through to 2005 and these key primary sources permit the examination of the events, trends, and attitudes of this period. Among the research fields served by this material are gender studies, social history, economics/marketing, media, fashion, politics, and popular culture. For purchase consideration, share your feedback with us here.
Covers the world's fairs from the Crystal Palace in 1851 and the proliferation of North American exhibitions, to fairs around the world and twenty-first century expos. Through official records, monographs, publicity, artwork and artifacts, this resource brings together multiple archives for rich research opportunities in this diverse topic. For purchase consideration, share your feedback with us here.