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Digital Scholarship at UCSC

Who We Are

Kristy Golubiewski-Davis

Kristy Golubiewski-Davis, Director of the Digital Scholarship Commons

Consultation Areas & Interests: 3D Metrology, 3D Scanning,3D/VR Preservation, AR and VR for Education and Public Scholarship, Data Management and Preservation, Digital Exhibit Building, Digital Research Methods, Digital Heritage Management, Workflow Documentation

Daniel Story, Digital Scholarship Librarian (he/him)

I come to digital scholarship from a background in history. My areas of expertise are digital mapping, audio storytelling, and web exhibits. I also do work in video, data mining, network analysis, and some artisanal coding in Python and JavaScript. I am the series producer of the ten-part documentary podcast Stories from the Epicenter. I currently serve as a consulting editor for the American Historical Review and produce the journal’s podcast, History in Focus. I hold a PhD in History from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Steph Layton, Digital Scholarship Librarian (they/she)

Hi! My background is in Digital Art. My areas of expertise are digital special effects, motion graphics and animation. I also have a background in graphic design and web design. I enjoy using technology in my creative process such as 3D printers, laser cutters and green screens.

Laura Meriwether

​Laura McClanathan Meriwether, Digital Scholarship Associate (she/her)

My professional background is in academic library reference, instruction, outreach, and public service. I am an alumna of UCSC with a BA in psychology, and a Cowell College Fellow. I hold an MA in library & Information science from San Jose State University. My areas of expertise include student support and engagement, user experience, information literacy, and undergraduate advocacy. Though new to digital scholarship, I am passionate about ensuring equitable access to our services and programming, and sharing ways to engage with digital tools. I love to connect UCSC students with the amazing range of resources they have available to them!

Kelley Booth

Kelley Booth, Digital Scholarship Technologist (she/her)

My background is in education, makerspace facilitation and management, and communications. Areas of professional interest include creating meaningful opportunities to engage with innovative high and low-tech making tools, sharing my enthusiasm for creating across mediums, and developing programming that allows equitable access. Most of all, I enjoy working with students and the creative energy that they bring to the digital scholarship spaces. Personally, I enjoy gardening, traveling, and being a sports mom.

Olivia Arthur

Collette, DSI Student Assistant, (any/all)

I am an AGPM major who is interested in papercraft, articulated prints, and instructional prints. My longest running project involves printing out accurate dinosaur skeletons for display. 

Jerrott Hong


Jerrott Hong, DSI Student Assistant 

I am a fourth year business management economics major with a minor in technology information management. Working at the DSI has been a wonderful experience because of the unique challenges and projects that I get to work on a daily basis. I've spent a good amount of time 3d printing and working in Autodesk Inventor while at this space and am happy to share what I have learned!

Mei Lin Lee-Stahr, DSC Student Assistant (she/her)

I'm a Film and Digital Media major here at UCSC but I've always been an artist first. I enjoy all types of art from visual to performance. At the DSC I work on graphics like making flyers for events, creating tutorials for the website and anything else related to 2D visuals. My favorite thing to train on is Photoshop because it's such a versatile and powerful software.

Micki Lincoln

Micki Lincoln, DSI Student Assistant (they/she)

I am a History of Art & Visual Culture major with a minor in Classics. Working at the DSI, I enjoy using the 3D printer to replicate famous works of art and experimenting with their uses and meanings. I have also explored 3D modeling and sculpting to create my own art in various digital and physical mediums.

Navneet Cheema

Navneet Cheema, DSI Student Assistant (she/her)

I am a second year proposed Computer Science major and I really enjoy working with all of the different equipment offered in the space. I especially like to work with the Cricut Machines because I am able to apply and further my design skills in order to make a variety of creative projects.

Tessa Gilbert, DSC DSI Student Assistant (she/her)

Hi!! My name is Tessa and I'm the social media lead for the DSC and DSI :)) I'm excited to branch out to Tik Tok this year and continue working through Instagram to promote our amazing spaces!

Charlie Pollock, DSC Assistant

I'm a robotics engineering major with a passion for filmmaking. I've been using various 3D design softwares for the past six or so years, starting from when I wanted to make visual effects for my film projects. I love working on projects in Blender, especially the kind that look like they'd belong in a feature film.

Sam Meyer, DSI Student Assistant

I am a first year AGPM and CS: Game Design double major. I primarily work with 3D Modelling software and scale recreations of real world objects, although I'm planning to branch out a bit more.

Zack Traczyk, DSI Student Assistant (he/him/his)

Howdy, I'm a second year Computer Science major. I geek out over software, design, and organizational philosophies. I am into all things computers and love to learn new digital tools to help with new and ongoing projects.

Ethan Palmer, DSI Student Assistant (he/him)

I am a Applied Physics Major/Sustainability Minor, the DSI is easily one of the coolest job I have ever had. Being able to design, create and iterate is an amazing experience.

Phoebe Rettberg, DSC Student Assistant (she/her)

I'm a second-year Film & Digital Media major trying to add a double major in Feminist Studies. I love working with both audio and video editing software. I am hoping that working at the DSC will allow me to learn more and collaborate with others on cool projects!

Nicholas Eyestone, DSI Student Assistant (he/him)

I am an art major here at UCSC for animation and am very interested in 3D design and 3D printing, especially if it has to do with costumes! Here in the space, I love all of our machines but gravitate more towards the 3D printers and the circuit machines for my projects. I try to bring a very open perspective to both learning and teaching others, and am always interested to see what people are making!

Penne Frank, DSI Student Assistant

I'm a second year political science major. I have an interest in all things art related. Right now, I'm really into 3D modeling on Blender, which is super useful for this job. I'm also interested in plants, flowers, and books. So I want to create a book of dried flowers and leaves and a forest scene in Blender, which I'm super excited about.

Isaiah Tomas (he/him), DSI Student Assitant

I'm a third year computer engineer with focus on networks. In my spare time I enjoy tinkering on all sorts of things, both digital and physical. I enjoy working with the 3D printers available to us as it makes it much easier to take my projects from paper to tangible things.


Kristine Gail Buriel (she/they), DSI Student Assistant

At the DSI, my focus is on experience, aesthetics, and collaboration. I'm excited to learn about digital techniques offered here in this space and work with others to create beautiful things together. I draw inspiration from art, architecture, and culture. My main projects involve creating tools and pieces for others to bring beauty into the details of our everyday lives. Creation is where skill, experience, and intention meet and by using these technologies I hope to help myself and others create with more accessibility, polish, and finesse.