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Digital Scholarship at UCSC

Who We Are

Kristy Golubiewski-Davis

Kristy Golubiewski-Davis, Director of the Digital Scholarship Commons

Consultation Areas & Interests: 3D Metrology, 3D Scanning,3D/VR Preservation, AR and VR for Education and Public Scholarship, Data Management and Preservation, Digital Exhibit Building, Digital Research Methods, Digital Heritage Management, Workflow Documentation

Daniel Story, Digital Scholarship Librarian (he/him)

I come to digital scholarship through a background in history. My areas of expertise are digital mapping, audio storytelling, and web exhibits. I also do work in data mining, network analysis, and some artisanal coding in Python and JavaScript. I am the series producer of the ten-part documentary podcast Stories from the Epicenter. I currently serve as a consulting editor for The American Historical Review and produce the journal’s podcast, AHR Interview. I hold a PhD in History from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Joshua Tuthill

Joshua Tuthill, Digital Scholarship Librarian (he/him)

I come from the world of film and animation. My specialties are in 3D modeling, 3D workflows, Film/Video Production, Film/Video Editing, Film/Video Publishing, Animation, Post Production, and Audio Production. My animated films have been exhibited and garnered awards nationally and internationally and have been featured at such institutions as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Anthology Film Archives, Slamdance Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Athens International Film + Video Festival, and the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival to name a few. I hold an MFA in Film from Syracuse University.

Laura Meriwether

​Laura McClanathan Meriwether, Digital Scholarship Associate (she/her)

My professional background is in academic library reference, instruction, outreach, and public service. I am an alumna of UCSC with a BA in psychology, and a Cowell College Fellow. I hold an MA in library & Information science from San Jose State University. My areas of expertise include student support and engagement, user experience, information literacy, and undergraduate advocacy. Though new to digital scholarship, I am passionate about ensuring equitable access to our services and programming, and sharing ways to engage with digital tools. I love to connect UCSC students with the amazing range of resources they have available to them!

Isabella Crespin

Isabella Crespin, Student Assistant

I am an Anthropology and a Film & Digital Media major. I love working on 3D modeling software like Blender, and Adobe Illustrator is fun to play around with too! I love being able to learn new software, and help students work with these useful softwares and machines.

Leo Liss

Leo L., Student Assistant

I enjoy creative problem solving and for that reason enjoy the creative and mechanical aspects involved in 3D printing and the DSI. I am currently studying Philosophy with a focus on metaphysics and normal physics. Outside of work I surf which I believe causes me to look at work in a similar way to the constant changes of the ocean.

Flynn Lloyd

Flynn Lloyd, Student Assistant (she/her)

I am a second-year Film and Digital Media and Environmental Studies Double major. I enjoy working with 3D modeling applications such as Blender, along with other artistic software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, all of which aid in my filmmaking exploration. I think that there are many ways to combine passions in both the arts and sciences through 3D software and technology. I am excited to better my own skills and work on collaborative projects that combine my interests.

Dino Raphael

Dino F. Raphael, Student Assistant

As a bioengineering major I have a great interest on prosthetic design, at the DSI we work with 3D printers so I try to learn 3D modeling software that will help me bring my ideas to reality.

Thomas Sawano

Thomas Sawano, Student Assistant (he/him/his)

I'm a third-year Cognitive Science and Philosophy major, beginning my second year at the DSC. Recently, I co-produced Stories from the Epicenter, a ten-part podcast miniseries about the Loma Prieta earthquake. Visit my consultation hours (Mondays 1-3pm, Tuesdays 9-11am) if you have any questions about GarageBand, Audacity, or audio editing in general. I also have experience with graphic design, GIS mapping, video editing, and basic 3D modeling!

Aurelia Swift

Aurelia Swift, Student Assistant (she/hers)

I am a 4th year AGPM student (AGPM = Art & Design Games & Playable Media). I really enjoy 3D modeling and felt that there are not a lot of classes available for learning it besides intro courses, so my desire to learn more about 3D programs and art is what drew me to the DSI and working here has really given me a great opportunity to develop these skills. My favorite things to train on are Maya and Blender!

Brandon Victoriano

Brandon Victoriano, Student Assistant (he/him/his)

I am a third year Film & Digital Media and Psychology major with a minor in Economics. I currently work as an Equipment Manager at the Student Media Press Center and love being involved with the various organizations there. My expertise is in video editing and anything film production related. I came to the DSC to satisfy my love for learning new software and technologies and I hope that I can help out students with any similar endeavors!

Kelly Chen, Student Assistant (She/they)

I am a first-year Literature and Film and Digital Media major. I mainly have experience with video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and other photo editing applications like Photoshop. I love all forms of storytelling, whether that be script-writing, filmmaking, video-editing, I'm excited to learn more about 3D modelling software as a means to tell a story and evoke a message about the world.