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University Library Billing

The University Library seeks to provide a collection that generations of UCSC community members will be able to access, use, and enjoy. Therefore we must ensure that the items held in the collection remain both available and in good condition. As a result, fees are assessed in cases when items are returned late, damaged, or lost.

General Appeals Information

Please use our Appeal Form if you wish to contest any charges you have received.

The following will NOT result in reduced/canceled fee:

  • Failure to note due dates or to renew on time
  • Lack of knowledge of library policy or loan regulations
  • Disagreement with library policy
  • Inability to pay overdue fees or other charges
  • Failure to receive overdue or recall notices
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for materials loaned to a third party
  • Appeals submitted 30 days or longer after the fine was assessed

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