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POLI 190H: The Substance of Democracy

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This guide is meant to assist you in finding sources for your research assignment.

The Politics 190H research paper essay should have both empirical and theoretical components. This implies at least a thorough review of academic literature and, ideally, original fieldwork or archival research.

If you encounter problems or want further assistance with the resources in this guide, you may get help the following ways:

Tips that will make your life easier

1. Start your research early

The library has a good collection but we don't have everything. If you find that you need something that we do not have, we will borrow it for you from another library. Our ability to do so is directly related to how much notice you give us. Please allow about five days for books and a couple days for journal articles.

2. Ask for help without delay

Whether you have a citation and need to find the full text, need help with your keywords, or are just wondering if you're missing a place to look, asking us early and often can make your assignment easier!