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Grateful Dead Research Guide

Welcome to the Grateful Dead Research Guide

This guide provides an overview of resources for beginning research on the Grateful Dead phenomenon, a term that includes both band and fans. For the books listed here, the criterion for inclusion was whether a work was likely to be consulted by the average reader. As with any topic in popular culture, the Dead phenomenon has generated a wide array of publications, from superb scholarship to popular sensationalism. Interested readers can find more details and works in the general bibliography and the list of dissertations and theses below (reprinted with permission from the scholarly periodical, Dead Letters). The Dead phenomenon continues to generate wide interest from authors, journalists and scholars; for the most recent publications, researchers should consult the interdisciplinary article databases listed here.

Created January 2011 by Laura McClanathan, Information Specialist, UCSC, and
Nicholas Meriwether, Grateful Dead Archivist, UCSC. Updated September 2014.