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Canvas: Add Library Content

Libguides (aka Research Guides)

What are Libguides?

Libguides is a web based content management and publishing resource the library uses to create online guides focusing on subject areas, specific courses or assignments, and general topics. These online research guides are aimed at helping students find the best resources for an assignment, course, or subject.

You can now seamlessly integrate these online resources into Canvas in a variety of ways: as an entire Libguide, a single page or even a specific content box content, allowing you to select and integrate library resources in whatever way you choose within your courses.

*Explore our extensive collection of Library Research Guides* and embed a libguide in your Canvas course:

  • Research guides by Subject
  • Special Topics such as How to Cite, Government Info, Statistics, etc.
  • Custom course specific research guides

How to embed Library Libguides into Canvas

1. Open an existing Module. Click on the plus sign to add an item to a module.

Canvas embed 1


2. From the drop down menu, select "Add External Tool"

Canvas embed 2


3. Select "Libapps Library Content", then "Add Item"

Canvas embed 3


4. Click on "Library Guides"

Canvas embed 4


5. Under Content Type: 

Canvas embed 5


6. A drop down menu provides options to select a libguide or link to library databases

Canvas embed 6


7. Under "Content Type" you can choose what portion of a libguide you wish to embed...

an entire  libguide:

Canvas embed 7 full

a single  libguide  page:

Canvas embed 7

a single  libguide  box from a page: 

Canvas embed 7 box


8. Finally, click Embed Content to add the item to your module