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Assessment of Information Literacy of Seniors

Tools for use in research assignments

Bibliographic Checklist
Developed in 2015 by Annette Marines and Aaron Zachmeier. 

This checklist provides students with guidance in 3 key areas: 1) Sources and Evaluation, 2) Citations and Bibliography, and 3) Quotes, Claims, and Evidence. It makes explicit some of the expectations that often go unmentioned in assignment prompts. Faculty can add it to an existing research assignment. 

Assessment of research assignments in a course that required the checklist showed significant improvements in two sub areas when compared with a course that did not use the checklist. 

Evaluating a Source
In development (summer 2017)




Clear expectations and habits of mind: A self-evaluation checklist for student writing, Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference 2017, Swansea University, Wales, U.K., April 11, 2017

Can a Checklist Help Students Improve Their Writing, Information Literacy and Analytic Thinking Skills2017 Symposium on Assessment, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, January 27, 2017

Forming Habits: A Self-Assessment Checklist for Research Assignments, 2015 Symposium on Assessment,  UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, November 20, 2015 


Bibliography Checklist. Available in 4 Citation Styles

  • APA (PDF) Version 5*
  • ASA (PDF) Version 5 
  • Chicago (PDF) Version 5
  • MLA (PDF) Version 5

Rubric for evaluating the bibliography

Contact us for Word files

*As of 11/08/2017 Version 5 is the latest update.


Annette Marines, Research Support Services Librarian,

Aaron Zachmeier, Instructional Designer, 

Anna Sher, Assistant Director for Assessment, Institutional Research, Assessment & Policy Studies