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Getting started

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There is no single "right" way to write a research paper, but the steps outlined in this guide can make your efforts at finding useful information and documenting your sources more efficient and effective!

A few minutes on your topic = hours saved!

Before diving into your research, take a moment to divide your topic into a few main concepts (keywords) then think of  similiar or related words for each concept.

This list of words will be important once you start searching, especially if your first search attempts don’t find much that’s useful!


For example, two main elements of your topic are DISNEY and one of the topics below: 

  1st main concept       2nd main concept            Words related to your 2nd main concept:    
disney technology sound, cameras, color, animation
disney fairy tales folktales, culture, history americanization
disney race racial stereotypes, racism, south america
disney propaganda world war II, stereotypes
disney women girls, gender, sex role, princess, feminist


Tip: Expand your list of keywords to expand your results 

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