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UCSC Library Samvera DAMS Project

About our project

The UC Santa Cruz Library launched a Samvera based digital asset management system (DAMS) in late 2017.

This DAMS will allow the Library to manage and provide online access to tens of thousands of digitized items from UCSC Special Collections & Archives.

We continue to develop new features and functions. We also continually add newly digitized objects to this system and will soon be migrating existing digital objects from our other DAMS system, ContentDM.


Create a tool that leverages GitHub to allow DAMS Administrators to initiate bulk ingests of digital objects or overlay new files or metadata onto existing objects.

GitHub Repository for Bulk Ingest Tool

Publish newly digitized and described collections in the DAMS. Upcoming collections include the UCSC Campus Photography Services and the Santa Cruz County History Photographs collection.

Create Data Dictionary to define properties and assign namespaces and controlled vocabularies, in consultation with other UC campuses using Samvera.

Work with the California Digital Library to digitize 6000 [?] photographs from the Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones Photography Archive.

View the Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones collection

Work with the California Digital Library to display our digital objects within Calisphere.

View our digital collections in Calisphere

Feed our digital collections into the new Primo based Library Search tool.

Results for our Ruth-Marion Baruch photographs in Search

Implemented tools for Administrators to review ingested digital objects and approve them for public display or flag them for additional work.


Implement IIIF and Universal Viewer to enable image zooming, streamline viewing experience across formats, and facilitate sharing and embedding

Publish digital objects currently available in external systems, such as CONTENTdm and Omeka, into the new DAMS environment to create a consolidated digital collection.

Support optical character recognition of textual materials as part of the DAMS ingest process and support searching within transcripts.

Provide embed codes for digital objects to allow their display within other websites.

Provide properly formatted citations for each object in multiple citation styles.

Allow download of designated objects in multiple sizes.


Ingest and display audio and video files within the DAMS and support of captions for A/V materials.

Allow administrators to limit access to digital objects by IP address or user credentials.

Allow users to save favorites or sets of objects to support instructional use of DAMS material.

Develop automated workflow notifications at hand-off points between administrative users.