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David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons

Digital Project Development

Digital projects tell stories, make arguments, answer questions, or develop theories.   Thinking through the scope, purpose and sources included any project, and then documenting those decisions will help communicate the plan to team members, administrators, potential donors, funders and your audience. 

Learn more about the Lifecycle of your Digital Project and let us help you plan your long term strategy from the beginning.

Digital Assignments and Class Activities

We support digital assignments and digital class activities in a number of ways. We encourage instructors to reach out to us before assignments and activities are finalized so that we can assist in making sure the scope and technical skill requirements are appropriate and that the tools and methods selected are a good match for course learning goals. We are then able to offer in-class support to explain aspects of a project or to help guide students through a digital activity. Finally, our DSC student assistants are available during walk-in hours to support students completing digital projects.

Methods and Tools

3D Lifecycle

We support 3D development and learning by providing a variety of 3D modeling software in the DSC Lab, Virtual Reality experience in the VizLab, and 3D printing in the Digital Innovation Studio in the Science and Engineering Library.

Digital Mapping

We are able to offer robust advice and support for digital mapping projects (GIS). We can offer expertise in the creation and management of spatial data and support GIS applications ranging from ArcGIS and QGIS to web-based solutions such as Story Maps, Mapbox, Carto, and Leaflet.


In addition to the podcasting studio and equipment available for checkout, the DSC is available to provide help getting started with your podcast project.  Visit Scott during his walk-in consultation hours for advice getting started, a primer on how to use the equipment, or help to edit your audio.  If this quarter's hours don't fit your schedule, email us at to arrange for a consultation.

Digital Exhibit Building and Online Publishing

A wide range of online platforms enables researchers to publish their work online and showcase their research for audiences beyond the academy. Interested in writing hyperlinked books, constructing multi-media essays, or building online exhibits?

Let us help you get started using

Network Analysis

We support scholars who wish to analyze and visualize their data using network analysis. We provide support for the network analysis software Gephi (available on computers in the DSC Lab). We are also able to support network analysis and network building in the classroom.

TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) and Text Analysis

The DSC is equipped with software to help you get started on your TEI and Text Analysis project.  If you're starting with a corpus that needs to be scanned, use either our flatbed scanner or overhead scanners to scan your text.  Abbyy Finereader is installed on all of our Mac computers to provide OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in multiple languages.  If you're working with texts from an online database, we recommend reaching out to our RSS librarians for guidance on access to online databases.  Once you've scanned your texts, we recommend Voyant for beginning text analysis or for more advanced analysis, both are available to use in the DSC lab.  We're available for consultation on best practices for scanning text, what to consider when working with the OCR process, and how to approach the text analysis process to answer the critical questions you have.

Get started with Text Analysis using Voyant

Scanning and Digitization

The Digital Commons works closely with the UCSC Digital Initiatives team, which is responsible for the digitization of materials in support of scholarship, research, and teaching. If you're looking to digitize photographs, video, or text, let us help you establish the best practices to ensure the long term viability of your materials.

See these guidelines for determining digitization file sizes

Video Production and Editing

In addition to the equipment available for checkout, the DSC is available to provide help getting started with your video project or assignment. We support video production and editing by providing a variety of video editing software and post-production packages in the DSC Lab.

Open Access

Open Access (OA) publications are digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. The University of California has a new Open Access Policy. We can help you deposit and manage your articles in an Open Access repository so that they are easy for other researchers to find, use, and cite.

Learn more about our Open Access support services

Data Management and Preservation

We assist UCSC faculty, staff, researchers, and graduate students with strategies and tools for organizing, managing, and preserving research data throughout the research data life cycle. We can help you:

  • Create a Data Management Plan
  • Manage your Data
  • Publish, Preserve & Back Up
  • Find Data for Reuse

Learn more about our Data Management Services