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Research Data Management

Why Data Management?

  • Save time throughout the research cycle
  • Get credit for your research and increase the impact with a data citation
  • Comply with journal and grant funder mandates
  • Make your data understandable and reusable by others
  • Avoid catastrophic loss
  • Preserve your data for long-term access

UCSC Campus Services

UCSC ITS provides a range of research support services, including data backup.

How Can We Help?

We assist UCSC faculty, staff, researchers and graduate students with strategies and tools for organizing, managing and preserving research data throughout the research data life cycle. 

Create a Data Management Plan

Manage Your Data

  • Let us help with best practices for file naming, file organization, file formats, archival data storage, metadata creation and data sharing options. 

Publish, Preserve & BackUp 

  • Find an appropriate data archive or repository in consultation with a librarian to deposit your data sets for discovery, sharing and reuse.
  • Manage your paper or data set with a unique persistent identifier. Request a DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Find Data for Reuse

  • No matter what your discipline, let us help you find reusable data.
  • A number of reliable open source data archives are available.

Librarian Consultation

Research Data Management Lifecycle

Research Data Management Lifecycle

CDL Tools

Link to DMPTool


dash - Data Sharing Made Easy




Create a free persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers.

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