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History Research Guide
by Kerry Scott - Last Updated Feb 25, 2013
American History Primary Documents
by Kerry Scott - Last Updated Oct 16, 2013
Chinese Studies
by Yi-Yen Hayford - Last Updated May 15, 2013
Oral History Research and Resources
by Irene Reti - Last Updated Jul 9, 2014
This guide provides resources on doing oral history research, locating oral histories in the UCSC Library and other libraries and institutions on the Central Coast of California and beyond, and oral history as a field.
History 190X: History of the Atlantic World, 1492-1824
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Feb 28, 2014
Explores the transatlantic societies created by Europeans' colonization of the Americas, and their exploitation of African slaves
History 190M: History of Children and Culture in the 19th Century
by Kerry Scott - Last Updated Jan 17, 2013
Winter 2013 History 190M course guide
History 190Z: The Long Civil Rights Movement
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Apr 30, 2014
'Explores the concept of the "long civil rights movement" as a framework for understanding a wide range of social, economic, and political developments in the African American freedom struggle, in both North and South, from the 1930s through the 1980s.'
History 238A: Research Methods: China
by Yi-Yen Hayford - Last Updated May 15, 2013
French 125: 19th Century French Civilization
by Kerry Scott - Last Updated Jul 8, 2014
Resource Guide for "Projet de Recherche"
HIST 100A Digital History
by Ann Hubble, Deborah Murphy - Last Updated Jun 27, 2014
History 190N: Topics in African History
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Jan 23, 2014
Examines contemporary crises in Africa: the new South Africa, refugees, HIV/AIDS, children of war, blood or conflict diamonds, civil war, and genocide in Rwanda.
History 121A: African American History to 1877
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Feb 13, 2014
Survey of pre-contact Africa, indigenous social structures, class relations, encounter with Europe, forced migration, Africa's gift to America, slavery and resistance, industrialization, emigration vs. assimilation, Civil War, Reconstruction, and more
History 110d - Civil War Era
by Kerry Scott - Last Updated Mar 28, 2014
Italian 106: Italian Culture Through Cinema
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated May 2, 2014
Film is used as a medium through which images of Italians and their culture are disseminated, perpetuated, and crystallized. Focus on pivotal issues in Italian culture, society, history, and politics.
History 30: The Making of Modern Africa
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Jul 23, 2014
History of Modern Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries; displacement of diaspora in slave trades; transformations of consciousness and condition leading to African nationalism; religious proselytisation leading to changes in thinking, culture, behaviour
History 121B: African American History, 1877 to present
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated May 20, 2014
A survey of the period, highlighting Jim Crow, militarism, Black feminism, the world wars, Garveyism, Harlem Renaissance, Black radicalism, Pan-Africanism, Depression, desegregation, Black Power, 1960s, Reaganism. Cultural and economic emphasis.

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