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Seeds of Something Different

Published by the UC Santa Cruz University Library's Regional History Project, Seeds of Something Different: An Oral History of the University of California, Santa Cruz weaves together first-person accounts of the campus's evolution, from the origins of an audacious dream through the sea changes of five decades. And it features more than 200 voices from half a century of oral histories, as well as a trove of archival images from Special Collections & Archives.

How to get the book:

Purchase SEEDS from Bookshop Santa Cruz!

Contact Special Collections to purchase a copy!

Read SEEDS via the University of California's eScholarship platform:

Ebook edition also available via Amazon (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2), Apple (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2), Barnes & Noble (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2), and Kobo (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2)

Explore more:

Explore the SEEDS Companion Digital Exhibit

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Watch and listen to recorded events:

The entire 6-part Summer 2020 series UC Santa Cruz: A History of Creativity & Change, featuring the editors of SEEDS alongside prominent UCSC faculty, staff, and student commentators, was recorded and can be viewed online 

  • Part 1: The Pioneering Era and the Rising Counterculture (1960s), with Ed Landesman and Frank Zwart
  • Part 2: The Changing City on a Hill (1970s), with J. Herman Blake and Olga Nájera-Ramirez 
  • Part 3: "Rocks Ahead": Reorganization of the College System (1980s), with Bill Domhoff and George Blumenthal
  • Part 4: "Open the Door": Finding a Place on "A Very White Campus" (1990s), with Bettina Aptheker and Rosalie (Rosie) Cabrera
  • Part 5: A Research University with Experimental Roots (2000-2010), with Gary Griggs and Murray Baumgarten
  • Part 6: "For Times We Can't Imagine" (2010-2020), with Jim Clifford and Donna Haraway, and Nirupama Chandrasekhar (undergraduate in history and creative writing) and Stephen Yogi (undergraduate in history and music)

Listen to the recording from the April 10, 2020, Virtual Reading and Book Launch Party, organized by the wonderful Jory Post and sponsored by Bookshop Santa Cruz, Phren-Z magazine, and the Hive Poetry Collective.