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Locate your sources Books provide in-depth coverage of topics and usually include a bibliography of further sources to consult. Use Search from the Library homepage to find books, articles, and more accessible at UCSC.

Search tip: 
Books can be searched in a number of ways, including by author or title. A convenient way to search is by “keyword.” This approach allows you to enter one or more words that relate to your topic; books that contain your words in the title, subject, or author will be found.

Library Search

Search is a new research interface on the Library's homepage that allows you to search across library collections then focus and refine your results according to your research needs.

From the Library's Homepageseamlessly search for materials previously held in the Library Catalog Cruzcat, including books and ebooks, journals, maps, government documents, films, musical scores, manuscripts and images, plus citations and full-text articles from hundreds of additional databases.

Search Homepage

Limit Search to Books

Once you've run your Search you can focus your results by selecting Books from Resource Types to the right of your search results list. Note that your results will include both print and ebooks:

Search limit to books