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Journal & Database (Serial) Cancellation Review Process 2018-2019

Timeline Milestones

Timeline Milestones

Timeline for Project

April 2018

  • The Library will share lists of the titles we currently subscribe to in April
    • locally licensed subscriptions
    • UC-wide database subscriptions
    • UC-wide journal package subscriptions

Action needed:

  • locally licensed subscriptions are being provided for information only, no keep or cancel decisions needed yet

If you are putting forward a program proposal or you are aware of a new program via the Strategic Academic Planning process, please share that information with us at any time during this process

  • UC-wide database subscriptions: please let us know which databases are key to research & teaching. While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to subscribe on our own if the majority of campuses decide not to renew, we will do our best.
  • UC-wide journal package subscriptions are being provided for information only, no action needed yet.

May 2018-September 2018

  • the University Library will be gathering the following data points about our subscriptions:
    • usage data 
    • cost per use
    • availability in Open Access
    • availability in the UC Libraries for Interlibrary Loan

October 2018-January 2019

  • the University Library will re-release the title lists with all of the data described above
  • YOU will be asked to make keep/cancel recommendations based on the data we provide and your awareness of programmatic intiatives

February 2019-April 2019

  • the University Library will review the recommendations and comments
  • the University Library will release the final list of keep/cancel decisions to the campus

May 2019

  • the University Library will send cancellation decisions to vendors & publishers