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Quiet Study Areas

Quiet & Silent Study Areas

Where can I study quietly or silently in the library?

Quiet study means no group work and no cell phones are allowed. 
Silent study means no talking, no cell phones, and no headphones are allowed.


McHenry Library Silent Area:


McHenry Library Quiet Areas:


Science & Engineering Library Quiet Areas:

no sound


Group & Collaboration Areas

Where can I collaborate on group work in the library?

loud noise

Somewhat Quiet Areas

Somewhat quiet: No large groups, loud conversation, cell phones

McHenry Library:

Science & Engineering Library:

Active Areas

Active: High-traffic or noisy                                                       

McHenry Library:

Science & Engineering Library:

Current Quarter Hours

Mon - Thurs:   8am - Midnight
Friday:               8am - 8pm
Saturday:          11am - 7pm
Sunday:             10am - Midnight

Reserve a Study Room

Need to book a study room for today or another day this week?