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Laptop security

How to protect your work and your property in the Library.

Don't be a victim

Sadly, laptop thefts occur in the library every quarter.

It may be really crowded, but the honest people studying around you are concentrating on their work not your laptop. 

Don't be a victim of laptop theft.



Here is what you can do to protect yourself from laptop theft.

  • Buy a laptop lock (available at Bay Tree Bookstore) and use the laptop anchors on McHenry Fourth Floor
  • Don't leave an unsecured laptop or iPad or mobile phone unattended:
    • for five minutes
    • to go to the bathroom
    • to charge
    • to get a cup of coffee
    • to get a book
    • to talk to a friend
    • for any other reason

Identifying information

Record and store (somewhere other than your laptops) your laptop's serial number.


Windows doesn't make this easy outside the command line. Best to just find it on the machine and write it down.

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