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Item Request Service

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Didn’t find or can’t access the book or film you need for your research or teaching?

The Library will work with you to get materials you need for your research and teaching while the library buildings are closed. Submit a purchase request to tell us what you need.

Submit a Request


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Didn’t find the article or book chapter you need?

Use interlibrary loan — the library will request the article or book chapter from another library and have it emailed directly to you.

Please note that while book chapters are often available, there may be some chapters that are not currently attainable.


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Book and Film Request FAQ

I am a faculty or graduate student, what if the book or film I need for my research is not available as an eBook or streaming file?

If a digital copy is unavailable in HathiTrust or for purchase as an eBook and/or a streaming film is not available for licensing, and either is required for your research, the library will work with faculty or graduate student patrons to acquire a physical copy.

If a physical copy is acquired, it will belong to the library. We will provide you with additional information about returning it to the library to add to our collection.


I am an undergraduate, can I request a book or film?

Undergraduate students can submit requests for eBooks using the request form.

Unfortunately, we are not able to send physical copies of books to undergraduates or acquire new films by the request of undergraduate students at this time.


Who can I contact with questions?

Email us at