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HAVC 100A: Approaches to Visual Studies

Video tutorials to improve your questions and search terms

These videos are intended to spark more precise questions and search terms. Being precise is necessary because databases match your search terms with what's in the database. Additionally, you may have to review the results because the database's contents may use discipline-specific terminology.

The videos will ask you to follow along by writing your own answers. Be sure to note the following:

  1. Get to your main question. Understanding when your question veers into a different topic is important to staying focused.  
  2. How to use your keywords. Database searches require you to broaden and/or narrow your terms as needed. 
  3. Keep a record of this work. For the outlining, writing, and editing process, it's important to keep track of the work you've done. This will aid discussions with your Professors or TAs.

Literature search

Use your questions and search terms (keywords) to conduct a literature search in a scholarly database. Goals for using a scholarly database:

  1. Search journal articles using one of the databases listed below
  2. Save the citation information of each source 
  3. Download copies of each article or Request them through InterLibrary Loan.
  4.  Click UC-eLinks to locate copies of the source


Recommended Databases

Do you need a tutorial?

Other Databases

Locate a source using a citation reference:

Evaluate, Use, and Cite your Sources (Chicago)

What do you do with your sources? 

  1. Read them! To enhance this process and read more critically check out "How to Evaluate Journal Articles" below for criteria to consider while reading
  2. Integrate their words or ideas into your paper. Take a look at "Integrating Sources - Harvard Guide to Using Sources" for insight on using your articles effectively, without misappropriating the words and ideas of others, in your paper.
  3. Give credit and be consistent with Style and acknowledgements.  For guidelines use the "Bibliography Checklist for Chicago" below.