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EDUC 181: Race, Class, and Culture in Education

Video tutorials to improve your questions and search terms

These videos are intended to spark more precise questions and search terms. Being precise is necessary because databases match your search terms with what's in the database. Additionally, you may have to review the results because the database's contents may use discipline-specific terminology.

The videos will ask you to follow along by writing your own answers. Be sure to note the following:

  1. Get to your main question. Understanding when your question veers into a different topic is important to staying focused.  
  2. How to use your keywords. Database searches require you to broaden and/or narrow your terms as needed. 
  3. Keep a record of this work. For the outlining, writing, and editing process, it's important to keep track of the work you've done. This will aid discussions with your Professors or TAs.