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Research Data Management


The DMPTool offers ready-to-use templates to create a data management plan for NSF, NIH, NEH, DOE, IMLS and others.

Link to DMPTool

Log in using your UCSC CruzID Gold Account. Select University of California, Santa Cruz. 

Quick start guide


  • Create identifiers for anything: texts, data, bones, terms, etc.  
  • Each identifier is a persistent web link so citation links are never broken
  • A variety of persistent identifiers available, including ARKs and DataCite DOIs
  • Store citation metadata (title, creator, etc) for identifiers in a variety of formats
  • UCSC researchers should contact the Library for EZID requests

Conversion Tools

Data Management Checklist

Publish Your Data

dash - Data Sharing Made Easy

Use Dash to easily publish your research data and share with the research community.  

  • All file formats
  • Indexed by scholarly search engines
  • Data assigned persistent DOI
  • Two different upload options: 
    • 2 gb/file; 10 gb total per DOI via desktop computer
    • 1000 files any size up to 100 gb via cloud server (Google Drive, Dropbox or Box)

Link your ORCiD with Dash.


Open source secure file transfer service. Share files with other people both inside and outside of the organization.

  • Provided by UC Santa Cruz for secure file transfer and not file storage.
  • Login with valid CruzID Gold account name and password
  • Not supported to transfer credit card data (PCI) or electronci protected health information (ePHI or HIPAA data
  • More information



Do You Have Your ORCID ID?


Create a free persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers.

Link your ORCiD with Dash.