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Research Data Management

Publish Your Research Data

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Dryad is an open-source, research data curation and publication platform. UC Santa Cruz is a proud partner of Dryad and offers Dryad as a free service for all UC Santa Cruz Researchers to publish and archive their data. Datasets published in Dryad receive a citation and can be versioned at any time. Dryad is integrated with hundreds of Journals and is an easy way to both publish data and comply with funder and publisher mandates.

  • Submit data in any file format from any field of research
  • Dataset receive a citation and can be versioned at any time
  • Publish data through publisher and researcher workflow integrations
  • Link data with related articles, code, and other datasets
  • Quality control from curators who ensure data are usable

Find a Home For Your Data

We can help you archive and preserve and/or share your research data in an online repository. We can also help you find data for reuse. Two common types of repositories are:

  • InstitutionalDryad (Partner with the California Digital Library)
  • Discipline specific: Selected data repository directories are listed below.

Selected Discipline Specific Data Repositories

Request a DOI

Manage your paper or data set with a unique persistent identifier.

  • Store data anywhere
  • Move data anywhere
  • Meet funder requirements
  • Free library service

Request a Digital Object Identifier (DOI):


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Data Ownership