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Cruzcat Migration FAQ

What is the Cruzcat migration, and why are we doing it?

If you were redirected to this page on Friday, July 25th, you have tried to access the library catalog or other library resource during our Cruzcat migration. We are open from 8am–5pm on that day.


We are improving the reliability and stability of Cruzcat, our circulation system and library catalog. To accomplish this, Cruzcat will be unavailable on Friday, July 25th. We chose this day to minimize impact on our users. Migrating this system to a more stable server environment will allow us to respond more quickly to problems such as power outages. We appreciate your patience!


The tabs on this guide will help answer questions you may have during the migration.

Which library services will be affected by the migration?

Only services that rely on Cruzcat will be affected. These are: Interlibrary Loan requests, UC-eLinks Request, real-time item status, payments on your UCSC library account, payments on your Interlibrary Loan account, “My Library Account,” and a few online journals and library databases. Please see the specific tabs on this guide for more information about these services.

How long will the migration take?

We anticipate that the migration will only take one day and will be completed on July 25th.