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LIT 243B/288F: Colonial Encounters

Login Instructions

To Search the resources and databases linked on this guide from your laptop, you'll need to enter your CRUZ ID and Gold Password when prompted. You can go a step further and install the campus VPN for more reliable access. We need to login so that we can access PDF attachments and ebook from behind the paywall.

Information about Primary Sources: types, collections, & databases

Familiarize yourselves with a few useful concepts:

Primary Source Types - Refer to guide on Distinguishing Between Popular and Scholarly Journals (the link is below) for an explanation. Your assignment specified documents representing different perspectives, including diaries, pamphlets, tax lists, etc. 

Collections - In the field of archives, primary documents are grouped together into unique collections. Collections can be dedicated to individuals, organizations, publications, and so on. Collections reside in archives centers, for example UCSC Library has its own space: Special Collections & Archives. Additionally, some collections might be re-printed in their entirely in book collections or microforms.

Digital Primary Source Collections/Databases - The digitization of collections has been a boon for researchers. Publishers/vendors bring together collections into database, which they then sell to libraries, for campus users to be able to search. There are Open Access databases as well.

Guiding questions when selecting a database to search:

  • Is the type of document you need included?
  • Is your topic's time period covered by the database/by the collections included?
  • Are the collections included/is the subject matter of the databases relevant to your research?
  • What are the perspectives covered?  

Finally, use the filters in the Library's A-Z Database to discovery additional primary source databases UCSC owns or subscribes to. 

UCSC Special Collections & Archives Online

CART Commons

CART Commons fosters a sense of community for UCSC graduate students interested in archival research. It provides opportunities to engage with one another and with archivists and special collections librarians in considering questions related to primary source research practices.

Our events include hands-on archival explorations, informal presentations, and discussions on practical approaches, questions, challenges, and anxieties about archival research.


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CART Commons is hosted by Special Collections & ArchivesUniversity Library, in collaboration with the Elisabeth Remak-Honnef Center for Archival Research and Training (CART).