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Google Jamboard Quickstart

Google JamboardWritten By: Shahin Karami
Updates Provided By: Naman Sudan
Last Updated: Fall Quarter 2019


The Google Jamboard is a 55-inch interactive smart whiteboard. The Jamboard is meant to bring together a number of Google services to facilitate real-time group collaboration. The Jamboard works with your GSuite account (drive, docs, sheets, etc.) and incorporates Google web and image search to bring in outside material. The Jamboard interactive abilities include search, shape and handwriting recognition, AI for auto-drawing and more typical whiteboard-like drawing capabilities. The Jamboard can interact with tablets, computers, and smartphones. Its hardware, software, and mobile apps are made to be used together--encouraging collaboration across various platforms.

Most importantly, any work you do on a Jam will save to your Google Drive for access at a later point.  Jams can be saved and shared with permissions for edit, view, or both.


The Google Jamboard Pilot is a collaborative project with the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC). Check out FITC's page on the Jamboard Pilot to sign up for a time slot.

What's Included in the Kit

  • 1 Jamboard
  • 2 Magnetic Pens
  • 1 Magnetic Eraser


Turning on and off the Jamboard

To turn on the Jamboard:

Set up the Jamboard by simply placing were you desire and plugging it into a power source. Once plugged into a power source, look behind the Jamboard to find the power button along with the volume and input select buttons. 

To turn off the Jamboard:

Make sure that you have closed your Jam (see below). Once you close your Jam, press the power button on the back of the board and confirm that you would like to power the Jamboard down on the screen to turn off the Jamboard.


Saving a Jam to your Google Drive

First, make sure you have created a Jam and that you are the owner of the Jam. You can do this by signing in with your UCSC email. When you create a Jam it is automatically saved to your Google Drive. This Jam is then able to be edited form you personal computer, tablet, or smartphone (must download app for tablets and smartphones see below)

Sharing your Jam

To share your Jam with another person select the “Share” option in the menu and enter the email addresses of the people that you would like to share with. 


Closing your Jam

Close your Jam by selecting the “Close this Jamboard” option located at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen. Once you confirm that you would like to close the Jam no other log-out will be required and the next person that checks out the Jamboard will not be able to see the previous Jam.

Drawing Tools



How to use it



Choose a pen and color. Then use your finger or a stylus to draw. Learn more about drawing in a jam.



Choose the eraser to erase with your finger or a stylus. You can also use the eraser that comes with your Jamboard.

Touch and hold the Erase tool to show the Clear Frame option. 

Note: The eraser only works with the drawings made using the pen. To delete an object, select it, then tap More More and then Delete.

Handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition

Choose the Handwriting recognition tool and use your finger or the stylus to write text. The tool converts your handwriting into printed text. Learn more about using Handwriting recognition.

Shape recognition

Shape recognition

Choose the Shape recognition tool and use your finger or a stylus to draw a shape. The tool converts your drawing into a shape object. Learn more about adding shapes to a jam.

Draw from one shape to another to add a line that connects the shapes.



Choose the Autodraw tool to draw shapes and objects that can be recognized and transformed into actual images on the Jamboard. Learn more about adding drawings to a jam.



Use the Select tool to grab objects and drawings made with the pen tools.

Choose the Select tool, then use your finger or the stylus to outline a drawing. You can then drag it to move it around the frame or pinch to resize it.

When using Select, you can also move objects around quickly by just tapping on them and dragging them. No drawing strokes will be generated when using the Select tool.

Laser pointer

Laser pointer

Choose the laser pointer and use your finger or the stylus to temporarily highlight items on the board. 

Other users who are looking at the file from phone or tablet can also see these areas highlighted. When content is being presented on video calls, users on the call can also see the highlights.

Tool descriptions from Google

Object Tools


How to use it

Add a Drive file

Add a Drive file

You can add a file to the Jamboard from Drive on the phone or tablet app.  For details, see add Drive files to a jam.

Search web

Search web

Choose the Search web tool and enter text to search for information. For details, see add a screenshot of a webpage.

Search images

Search images

Use the Search images tool to find copyright–free images online. For details, see insert images in a jam.

Insert sticker or stencil

Insert sticker or stencil

Choose the Insert sticker or stencil tool to add images from the gallery to your jam. Stickers you add to the frame exist as objects which you can resize and move around. See adding an image on a Jamboard.

Insert note

Insert note

Add a text note to your jam. Double-tap a note to edit the text or change the color. Learn more about adding notes to a jam.

Take photo

Take photo

Choose the Take photo tool to add an image to your jam. Learn more about adding a photo to a jam.


Tool descriptions from Google

Erasing / Deleting stuff on the Board

You can Erase any freehand drawings made with the pen using either the eraser or your fingers.,
Note: using your finger as an eraser is a setting option that can be turned off in the setting which is found in the menu.

You can delete any shape/text, picture/sticky note, and documents by selecting the object using a long press and dragging the item to the bottom of the board where you should see a red trash bin icon pop up. 


Adding / Deleting / Duplicating a Board

Look toward the top middle of the Jamboard. Here you can tap the frame bar to see which page you are on. Click the arrows to add a new page (up to twenty) or to navigate existing pages. You can press and hold a page to reorder it. 

To delete a page swipe the page down.

To duplicate a page swipe the page up.


Mobile Apps and Web Viewer

Use the mobile app to insert your own Google Drive documents.  The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Alternatively, one could create, view, and edit a Jam through Google Drive. To create a Jam through your Google Drive, click on “New”, select the “More” option followed by the “Google Jamboard” option


Add Images and Content from the Web

To add images to your Jam, select the “Search Images” option and type in what you would like. Once you find the image that you desire drag and drop the image on to your Jam. Note: Images that are found via the “Search Image” are copyright-free images. 

Content from the web can be added to your Jam by selecting the “Search Web” option. Type in what you desire and search as you would from your traditional web browser. Once you have found what you are looking for you can crop the desired portion of the search and drop it into your Jam