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Science & Engineering Library Renovation

News and information about the UCSC Science & Engineering Library renovation.



The Science & Engineering Library opened at its current location in 1991. Over the next quarter century, the size of the campus and our STEM community has more than doubled. The library, as it is currently configured, is not optimized to serve the needs of 21st-century researchers and learners.

The renovation of the facility will be phased and donor funded.

Long term goals

Here are our preliminary ideas for the renovation of the Science & Engineering Library. They will be refined as we work with students, faculty and other campus stakeholders to develop a renovation program, as new opportunities arise, and demand for library spaces and services evolves.

Upper level

  • Enhance the seating capacity.
  • Improve access to electricity at the desktop.
  • Improve the acoustic experience.
  • Refresh carpet, paint, and furniture.

Main level

  • Support STEM student success via partnerships like the HSI STEM Scholars Hub.
  • Create a new, larger, and permanent home for the Computer Gaming Laboratory.

Lower level

  • Create a library café modeled on the successful Global Village Café at McHenry Library. The café will have a separate entrance on plaza between the library and Sinsheimer Labs and should provide a convivial place for Science Hill faculty and students to gather.
  • Provide additional group study rooms.


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