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LALS 172: Digital Story Project

Digital Scholarship Commons

Quarter Hours

Sept. 28 - Dec.2

Sunday - Thursday  10am - 10:30pm
Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 11am-7pm

0350 McHenry Library

Podcasting Studio

A Podcasting Studio is available in the Digital Scholarship Commons and can be reserved during open hours.

Podcasting equipment is available for checkout and includes microphones, a laptop, and necessary cables.

More information on our Podcasting Studio

Podcasting Equipment Instructions

View step by step instructions on how to set up and use the podcasting equipment


The Digital Scholarship Commons has installed 8 NEW workstations available to all students, faculty, and staff at UCSC. Each computer is DUAL BOOT, providing both a PC and MAC work environment. The Commons also has 3 NEW scanners available for use. Find details about the computers and available software here.

To access these computers, you will have to APPLY FOR A PASSWORD.

The Digital Commons provides access to software and hardware, but we cannot provide expert support for all functionality. The user is responsible for all work conducted on these workstations. 

The Digital Scholarship Commons Workstations will be wiped clean at each restart. You can store your work short term on the Digital Commons server. However, all DSC users will be able to see this server. 
Please be sure to save and back up any changes on a thumb drive or cloud based storage service. Do not save work locally on the computer.


Submit feedback and software requests through this online form. Contact with questions.

Start Up

To switch between PC and Mac operating systems:

1) RESTART the computer.

2) Press and Hold the OPTION Key.

3) Then, choose between PC or Mac

Other UCSC Campus Labs

Soc Sci 1 is the only ITS Mac lab open during summer session.

Mon - Thur 9am-12:00 midnight
Fri 9:00am-6:00pm.
Log in using your CruzID Blue credentials.

Be sure to first check the class schedule before heading over.