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Interlibrary Loan

Replacement Fees and Overdue Items

Interlibrary Loan Costs

We provide ILL services to eligible UCSC patrons at no charge. Please request only those materials necessary for your research, retrieve items promptly after being notified of their arrival, and return materials on or before the due date.

Overdue Items & Replacement Costs

It is very important that ILL materials are returned by their due dates. Items more than one week overdue will be billed for replacement. The minimum replacement cost is $125.00 per volume, up to the actual cost of replacement. Some items cost significantly more. A non-refundable $20.00 billing fee is also charged. Recalled items not returned within seven days of the recall notice will be also be billed for replacement. Items recalled that are already overdue may be billed sooner.

Once you have been billed for an item, you will be blocked from using ILL and other library services. Please note that the return of an overdue/billed item does not guarantee a refund of the replacement cost, especially if the item is more than four weeks overdue. If the billed item is more than six months overdue AND/OR the lending library has already replaced the item, the replacement fee is not refundable. Processing fees will NOT be waived.  

Billing Appeals

If you would like to contest your fees, please complete the Billing Appeal Form.

If you believe you have returned an ILL item that is still checked out to you (or if you are being billed for the item), you may initiate a "claims returned" by emailing interlibrary loan staff or by filling out the Billing Appeal Form. You will be informed of the search results.

The following will NOT result in reduced/canceled fees:

  • Failure to note due dates or to renew on time
  • Lack of knowledge of loan regulations
  • Disagreement with library or loan policy
  • Inability to pay overdue fees or other charges
  • Failure to receive overdue or recall notices
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for materials loaned to a third party
  • Appeals submitted 90 days or longer after the fine was assessed

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