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Interlibrary Loan

How do I request items through ILL?

Using Melvyl                                        

1) Find the item in Melvyl.                                                    
2) Select the Request button. 
3) Submit the request information form. 

For detailed instructions, see: Melvyl How-to Guide

Search other UC libraries and request via interlibrary loan In Melvyl, choose Request to borrow an item

Tip: Find full-text article access or start an ILL request from a database! Use UC-eLinks to find full-text access to an article or to initiate an ILL Request. Look for the   symbol in article databases! See the UC-eLinks guide for full instructions.

Using the Citation Linker (for complete citations)

Note: if you do not have a complete citation, please use Melvyl or contact a reference librarian

1) Fill in the citation information and select continue.                                            
2) Choose the appropriate option from the UC-eLinks menu. Note that local access with be listed, if available. 
3) To begin an ILL request, choose "Request this from the library" and submit the information form.

For detailed instructions, see: UC-eLinks How-to Guide

UC e-links Citation Linker                                                                                                                             

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