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Working with Image Groups

To save Image groups for use at a later time:

1. Log into your Account

2. Select the images you wish to save as a group

3. To place your selected images in a folder, pull down under the Organize option (or right-click) any of the following three options under "Save selected images to"

  • New image group
  • Existing image group
  • Recently opened image group

To retrieve image groups:

1. Return to Organize on the pulldown menu and select "Open image group"

2. Follow the pathway to "My Work Folder" and then the specific image group.

3. Organize on the pulldown menu offers other functions to manage groups, including the ability to delete image groups, delete images within a group, and rename an existing image group.

Below is an example of folders in a "My Work Folder."

Selecting Images

• Select individual images retrieved by a search by clicking on each image.

• Select all images on a page by pulling down that option from the Organize option at the top of the page (or right-click if logged in).

Selecting images does not require logging in. However, to place selected images in a group, you must have registered as a user and logged in.

Working with Personal Collections

Registered users with instructor-level privileges can be granted access to upload personal collections. These personal collections can be integrated with images from the ARTstor database in image groups and shared folders.

See the online help on personal collections for more detailed information. If you have questions or seek these privileges, please contact the Digital Arts & New Media Librarian.