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How to View Images

View zoom, rotate, crop and more using the toolbar at the bottom of your image: 

  • Images are set to display as small thumbnails.
  • Double-clicking an image will display the image as a half screen (default). 
  • For more help, see  viewing images in the online viewer, with an index to the icons used in the viewer. 

Note: Pop-up blockers should be disabled to prevent blocking an ARTstor image from displaying in the image viewer.

Van Gogh Irises

 You can also zoom in for more detailed displays:

Van Gogh Irises close up

Thumbnail Images

Sort results by title, creator, or date by checking the appropriate box located above the thumbnails. Select icons to access additional features:

 image:icon_iap.gif..Download image for use in Images for Academic Publishing program
 image:I-cluster.gif‎ ......View other ARTstor images of the same work
 image:AssocImage.gif .....Find most saved images with the lead image by instructors
 image:icon_qtvr.gif ..Launch a Quick Time Virtual Reality file
 image:icon_audio.gif......Play an accompanying audio file.

Quick Links

QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR)

QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) files are photographic panoramas that allow you to view an environment by panning 360° around a central point.

  1. Click image:Icon qtvr.gif (the QTVR icon) to launch the image in QuickTime Player. Note: QuickTime Player must be nstalled on your computer to view these files. Download a free copy of this software online.
  2. Once the QTVR file has loaded in the QuickTime Player window, click inside the window and drag pointer to pan the view. Image will respond to your movements, allowing you to turn 360° within the displayed space
  3. Use the image:icon qtvr zoom.gif icons to zoom-out and zoom-in to the image.