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Basic Image Search

BASIC SEARCH has one search box. A pulldown menu allows searching by any of the three options:

  1. Across multiple fields ("in any field" in the pulldown menu)
  2. The title only ("in title only" in the pulldown menu)
  3. The creator/author only ("in creator only" in the pulldown menu)

These boxes can be joined by the standard Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT. These can be used in both basic and advanced searches.

ARTstor search screen

A sample Keyword Search result.  Refine, display and save references via the pull down menus:

Van Gogh Irises search

Explore by Browsing

Once in ARTstor, try the Browse option to explore by one of four general areas:

Advanced Image Search

ADVANCED SEARCH offers up to five searchboxes. It also provides the option of applying of specifying geographic  location, classification and date or range of dates.

Note: ARTstor uses the original descriptions of images from the provider institutions so the depth of indexing of the images can vary.

ARTstor Advanced Search options:

Underscore _ Serves as internal wild card (m_net retrieves monet and manet)
Asterisk * Serves as final wild card (henr* retrieves henry, henrietta, etc.)
Case Terms are not case sensitive
Articles Does not search common articles (the, an, le, les)
Phrases Quotation marks should enclose exact phrases ("little rock")
Punctuation Does not search punctuation (self-portrait=self portrait)
Order of Terms

Terms will be searched in either order: (mark rothko=rothko mark)

Exact phrases are the exception: ("mark rothko"≠"rothko mark")