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ENVS 140: National Environmental Policy


Use to track funding expended on lobbying by trade associations, manufacturing groups, and individual companies.  

  • Some information to look for:
    • name of a company or lobbying firm or individual lobbyist that could lead you to more information;
    • total spending by a particular industry;
    • total spending by lobbyists on a specific issue;
    • view the amount spent to lobby a particular government agency
  • Scan results list for any trade associations (trade associations often have information on their websites about their industries positions on issues)
  • Use tabs at top to get a sense of the issues under consideration

Congressional Committees & Hearings

Experts, CEO's, and other influential people testify before Congress on any given subject. You can track influence by seeing who testified and which business or organization they are affiliated with.

  • Hearings also provide ideas about potential mitigations for environmental problems
  • Use Proquest Congressional or to filter and and narrow down hearings of interest.
  • Many Congressional committees provide links to videos of proceedings as well as transcripts of Member comments.



Environmental Organizations

Use Proquest Congressional to see if one of these organizations testified at a hearing on your topic

Environmental Defense Fund (PAC is called Environmental Defense Action Fund)

Nature Conservancy

Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund

Natural Resources Defense Council