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University Library Strategic Directions

The University Library provides collections, spaces, and services that enhance the student experience at all levels and contribute to student success.


Student Experience: Complete Goal Statement

The library supports the success of undergraduate and graduate students by providing physical and virtual spaces that meet their diverse needs, and by managing collections and services that contribute to information literacy and digital literacy, academic and research excellence, student retention, and timely degree completion.

Student Experience: Opportunities

  • Increased enrollment drives demand for high quality study spaces
  • The library can identify courses in which students would benefit from additional support
  • Campus student success stakeholders are committed to measuring student experience variables
  • Science & Engineering Library Active Learning Classroom and plans for the renovation opens opportunities to collaborate with the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences on education support
  • Utilize new software to create better tutorials
  • The implementation of the new learning management system is an opportunity to embed Library services and content into course pages
  • Innovative Library programs create rich graduate mentorship opportunities such as Digital Scholarship Commons and the Center for Archival Research and Training


Student Experience: Actions

  • Engage with student success stakeholders to raise awareness of library resources and services for students
  • Collaborate with faculty to promote information literacy tools across the curriculum
  • Collaborate with the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences to launch the Science & Engineering Library Active Learning Classroom
  • Engage students in reimagining the upper level of the Science & Engineering Library as study and collaboration space
  • Highlight development opportunities for the Science & Engineering Library renovation
  • Gather library use data to promote and improve student success outcomes

Student Experience: Challenges

  • Two thirds of UCSC students may lack equal access to vital success factors and need additional support from the Library
  • Secondary school preparation
  • Food and housing security
  • Access to technology
  • Raising awareness across campus about how academic libraries contribute to student success
  • Limited funding to keep Library facilities current and open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week