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University Library Strategic Directions

The University Library supports researchers in the creation of new knowledge and contributions to the greater scholarly and research community.

Research Excellence: Complete Goal Statement

The library supports the scholarship of faculty, graduate students and undergraduates by providing collections, tools and services for publishing and by curating their unique data and scholarly output, ensuring access to these materials for future generations.

Research Excellence: Opportunities

  • Leverage strong partnership with the UC library community and the California Digital Library
  • Newly acquired archives with very high research interest including Other Minds and Pirkle Jones/Ruth-Marion Baruch
  • Continued strong faculty relationships and interest in the services of the Digital Scholarship Commons

Research Excellence: Actions

  • Facilitate the dissemination and preservation of researchers’ scholarship (articles, data, images, media) through open access publications
  • Invest in scholarly content resources aligned with campus academic priorities and technologies that enable new forms of scholarship
  • Identify, preserve, and ensure access to the scholarly and historic records of lasting value to the UC Santa Cruz community
  • Establish innovative services to enhance research and to facilitate cross-disciplinary connections among researchers
  • Work with campus colleagues to build both a sustainable community and the digital infrastructure needed to support new modes of research, teaching, and scholarly communication

Research Excellence: Challenges

  • Role of the library professional is evolving beyond information provider to research partner and facilitator. We’re challenged to communicate that change within the library community and to the campus
  • University-wide funding challenges for research support
  • Shifting landscape for scholarly publishing makes planning for long-term success difficult
  • Best practices and standards for managing and archiving born digital material and research data are still being developed
  • Staff need support, training, and time to innovate, expand expertise and experiment