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University Library Strategic Directions

University Library staff are members of a ten campus and national community of professionals. Together our staff, collection resources, and study and collaboration spaces enable student and faculty success.

Outreach: Complete Goal Statement

We will continue to communicate and promote our role as campus research and teaching partners as well as the library’s role as a student-centered support space.

Outreach: Opportunities

  • We have a wealth of data about our user community (Ithaka, ILL survey, ebook survey, student survey, collection use data, research question data) 
  • Engage the campus community around digital scholarship and expand opportunities for experimentation with software and new technologies
  • Leverage opportunities to work closely with the California Digital Library and other willing partners
  • Promotion of our expertise in the areas of Open Access, rights management, data management

Outreach: Actions

  • Communicate our role as campus research partners by:
    • Keeping faculty and students aware of the shifting scholarly communication landscape and its impacts on their work as scholars
    • Partnering with divisions and departments in the development of opportunities for students to engage with source material and develop new modes of scholarly production
    • Communicate our role as teaching partners by:
    • Collaborating with faculty in the development of research support tools and utilities
    • Collaborating with faculty and teaching support partners in the mindful integration of research competencies into course materials (production/development)
    • Collaborating with faculty and instructors to facilitate new digital assignments
  • Communicate the library’s role as a student-centered-support space by:
    • Leveraging the data we collect about student space use and needs
  • Create and host events and exhibits


Outreach: Challenges

  • The traditional view of the library by the campus community
  • Uneven view of librarians as partners in teaching support across the campus
  • Risk of misinterpretation of the library as a static study hall
  • Not enough staff to dedicate to outreach activities
  • Effectively communicating how we deliver our core mission in new ways